One of the coolest projects we ever worked on, our collaboration with a small Croatian winery saw us creating the whole marketing concept, from packaging to the AR experience itself. We used our founders experience working for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars to design a very luxurious product from the bottom up.

Thanks to advancing AR technologies and the undeniable fact that everyone and their mothers carry a smart mobile phone, Wineries can now enrich their wine labels to offer consumers vast amounts of extra information. Produce slick packaging and your customers will come to you. Produce slick packaging enriched with an AR experience, and your customers will share and disseminate your message for you.


Our Experience

We worked with the winery on every detail of the production process to insure that the wine will truly be rare and luxurious. This will result in a bottle with an AR experience on the box that will tell the story of the wine and allow the user to explore other products of the winery as well.

By activating a QR-code, the user is able to enjoy far more information than what is carried on a simple label. With stunning visuals through the lens, the user can check out the other types of wine available, read about the Brands history and even connect to their social media pages.

The wine will be picked only after 2 consecutive days of -7 degrees Celsius temperatures (or lower). After this, it will be submerged in water for a minimum of 1 year and allowed to ferment. This will produce an extremely rare wine and a great opportunity for Augmented reality to add some additional value and flair to the whole experience.

The Result

The folks over at Ramic Wines cannot wait to launch these AR-enriched wine labels onto the market. The first batches are expected around 2023 and we will definitely keep you updated on the progress.

Here at TAR, we love to help Wineries to take the leap, becoming an AR-enhanced brand. Our experts will stand with you the entire way.


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