The TAR Process

Our unique process that helps you identify XR experiences that fit your business and deliver them using best industry practices

Step 1

XR Consulting

Our team’s experience in strategy & management consulting allowed us to create a 3 step AR Consulting process which allows us to understand your market position and identify opportunities where you could use AR to improve your market position and make significant strategic changes. Right now, we are running a promotion where we are offering these AR consulting sessions for free with the code CONS21.

Step 2
Our Suggestions

After understanding your internal strengths and external opportunities that AR can help you with, we will propose a few different potential projects, ranging from low-commitment options to “dip your toes in the water” up to strategic AR solutions that could truly elevate your business performance.

Step 3

Agile Project Delivery

Our team has been trained in various different agile methodologies and we incorporate Agile and DevOps into our project management philosophy. We tend to adjust our project management process according to specific client needs.

Step 4
Running the Experience

We are fully focused on delivering great XR experiences to users and making sure they achieve the intended results. Our team is here to support you through the XR process from launch to results!

Step 5

Data Analysis

As a company, all of our efforts are data-driven. Our pledge is to give every client the highest-quality, most relevant and up-to-date data about the performance of their XR experience.