TAR X Medartis- Medical AR

Medartis SolutionFinder

AR in the Medical Industry.

The SolutionFinder is an innovative AR experience within the medical industry. This eperience allows participants to explore Medartis’ products and fix virtual bone fractures using their bone plates. This is the first medical AR game of this kind.

Our Augmented Reality collaboration with Medartis was our first foray into the medical industry. We are absolutely delighted to have had them as partners. Medartis is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surgical plates used to fix bone fractures.  They are a Swiss publicly traded company currently valued at 1B USD.

Our Medical AR Experience

This was surely one of our most challenging projects because the absolute precision and perfectionism of our client left no space for poor quality.

Throughout this and other experiences with our clients in the medical industry we have gathered the precision needed to create XR experiences within the Medical industry.

The Result

We ended up creating 2 games aimed at surgeons at specialised conventions. The Wrist focused game features fractures based around the wrist. The game functioned in a way where the user would first see the fractured bone and then they would need to choose amongst the 4 different plates that could fix this. While doing that they could also learn more about the plates themselves and how they work. Once they would choose the correct one, they would see an animation of the plate coming together with the bone and stabilizing it. At the end, the time it took them to complete all of these would be combined with their accuracy and a score would be given to them and they would be placed on a leader board. The person with he highest number of points would then be eligible for a prize given out by Medartis.

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