TAR X Ford

AR Ford Bronco Concept

Ford Bronco AR Experience

A very valuable collaboration for us is our collaboration with Ford. Working with a global automotive brand on AR experiences is incredibly rewarding. Especially when such a prestigious and quality-focused company as Ford is a partner. This is why we were inclined to create a Web AR experience that will truly show all the beauty of the new Bronco.

Our Experience

This experience was developed as a proof of concept for what would later become our Ford Bronco experiences with the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers. Although a concept, it doesn’t lack the incredible potential for immersion that Augmented Reality offers for marketing. You can see it for yourself by watching the video above.

The core feature of the app was that it was able to be placed into an environment where the user could play around with it and interact with the 3D model. This ended up being very popular with participants as the ability to place such an incredible car as the Bronco into your environment and play around with it by rotating it and dropping it around the room/backyard proved to be a very interesting experience.

The Ford Bronco AR experience also allowed participants to click on hotspots. Once those hotspots would be clicked, the user could watch videos that would show the various features of the car as well as the interior.

The Result

This concept ultimately resulted in a long and fruitful collaboration with Ford. The most direct results of this can be found in our Web AR experiences where we implemented a 3D model of the Bronco in the team colors of the Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers. Stay tuned because more collaborations are planned.

We would love to hear your opinions or chat to you about XR in the automotive industry, make sure to contact us!

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