Oilers X FordĀ  Web-AR Experience

A grand opportunity to showcase the formidable Ford Bronco in one of its favourite NHL teams, the Edmonton Oilers. This project was truly exciting, allowing us to really go to town on converting the Ford Bronco into a 3D model for users to enjoy as a Web-AR experience.

A grand example of leverage Affiliate Marketing, both brands have been able to garner widespread attention for themselves in this unique, highly personal way.


Our Experience

We really threw ourselves into this project and were able to galvanise the passion from our petrol-head 3D modeller to create a flawless version of the Bronco within Blender.

By following a link on the Oilers webpage, fans are able to envisage what this fine auto would look like sitting in their driveway. But the beauty of of AR also allows these fans to envisage what this tonne-weighing SUV looks like in their living room.

During the web-AR experience, fans have the option to sit inside the car and explore the interior. Furthermore, they can take photos and share it online, increasing the virality of the brands.


The Result

The fans loved it. It’s a great addition to the big range of XR-related experiences that these brands are releasing for people to enjoy.


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